About Us

What Kalakriti is all about:

Kalakriti is an artistic platform created by two girls, in their mid-twenties, working 9 to 5 and making handmade goodies to fuel their passion. It makes and sells handmade cards and gifts.

Sprouting of Kalakriti:

It all started with exchanging cards on birthdays, and how alive we used to feel while doing so for each other and eventually it caught the attention of family and colleagues, then the idea sparked. We still remember the first order that we received, at that moment it was the biggest thing for us and now that we look back, we realize how far we have come. Over the years, our tools have changed, how we approach out art and style have changed, but the love for the same hasn’t and its growing everyday with us
Sneha Shrestha and Puja Chourasia

Our Motive:

We have come so far, and we hope to take you further on this amazing journey of finding love, happiness and stability of mind through various kinds of artistry on this platform.

Special Thanks:

We want to show how what starts as nothing holds the capability to turn into something so vast and consuming beautifully.
We would not have the courage to start it as a profession without the support of our Family and Friends.
A Special thanks to ‘Ms. Prerna Agarwal’, who stimulated us to start the same and ‘Ms. Shruti Prajapati’ to come up with the name of Kalakriti, which was quiet a random at that time but for now it’s our passion, determination and discipline that we follow spiritually.

Email Our Helpdesk : support@kalakritikreationss.com

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